21 October, 2017

Spur of the Moment Times

The boys had to come with me this morning as Stuart went to work.

We turned it into a super fun time.  BJ wanted to go back to the park where we hid rocks to see if his Ghostbusters was still there.

So after a look & a play we had found a couple of rocks there.

BJ found one of Dj's that DJ had hidden last week.  That was a surprise.  BJ didn't know it was his!

But then we got the scooters out of the car & scootered down to another part of the park.  That was a successful trip.  We found a whole pile that way.  It was good fun.  The boys had a blast.

We now are armed with more rocks & other stuff to get ready to paint another batch to replace all of these.  It seems we are making a "Tas Rocks" garden!

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Anonymous said...

That was a good find and a lot of fun.