22 October, 2017

Hooked on Rocks

So the crazy rock craze is still on.  After we found all those yesterday we did make a good collection to replace them.  The boys want to keep what they find which is OK but I do want them to replace them as well. 

So we had a drive to get some sealer & I got a can of spray on white at the same time.  As you do. 

This is what we came up with...  DJ's first picture, BJ's second picture - he is very particular about his rocks & takes ages so doesn't get many done.  Unlike DJ who just rushes!  Next 2 pictures are my rocks!  & I must admit but I am keeping my big toucan.  Was really pleased with him & how pretty he turned out.  I'm a hopeless drawer but using these books of the boys on how to draw it sure helped & makes me look a little bit capable! 

After dropping ours in the park we did have a hunt of course.  Found 4.  I re-hid one which I thought the boys would find on our way back scootering through the park but they didn't.  

In the meantime, coming back from scootering, we gave DJ's scooter away.  He is way too tall for it.  So this unsuspecting bloke pushing the pram with his little girl in it, got to carry home a scooter than this random nutter woman & her son handed over happily mid ride. 

(well what were we to do?  We had to find someone to pass it on too!  & well, not usually so random like that but hey, better random in person fun for strangers!  We're happy as it's out of our way without any effort now!  )

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Anonymous said...

Hope that person will be thankful for the scooter. the rocks look really amazing. They'll be a good find for others again.