29 October, 2017

Rocking Along

The last few days have been good for rock production.  

Well for DJ & I at least.  

There is quite a bit of variety here.  

We had a rock hiding day today & a little one yesterday.  We have shared them around in 3 different places.  We have seen a couple of our rocks that have been found too so that's exciting.  I hope we see when Spongebob is found too!  

We also took quite a lot of the ones we had found & hid those again.  We haven't got many left now.  

(as much as I hate spiders, I do like this one.  So I did another one!  lol)

(the pokeball was found today!)

The walking doughnut was found today too!  

These 4 we found but have kept Peppa pig & the ninja turtle for now.  Other 2 are gone.  

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