26 October, 2017

Ain't That A Shame

Well we went to swimming lessons.

The pool was still broken.

Lucky for us we had scooters & rocks in the car.


We had a great time.  Went to a different park than we have dropped rocks previously, as we were there anyway.  We went for a nice scooter ride along the walking track over there first & dropped 10 rocks.

The boys were too busy scootering & playing to look really.  I am totally hooked & can't help but look.  I found these 4.  It was funny as BJ was sitting at the table where IT was hiding, & he still didn't see it!   

Another bag of rocks came home with us.  Better get drawing.

Ain't that a shame - song by Fats Domino who passed away today.  Another classic!

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Anonymous said...

|A pity about the swimming being off but good that the boys could still get rid of energy. You did well finding those pretty rocks. So back to drawing again this weekend for you.