15 October, 2017


This picture recently popped up on a page I follow. 

Gee, it was like a huge flashback.  It still is when I see it in my screen saver collage of pictures... 

THIS is the game we used to have.  The one game that I used to actually win! 

Just looking at the pictures of the game pieces is just so weird.  Ours was well worn.  One of our chimney stack pieces had a really big chew mark in it.  Guess that was my brother.  But these were such a cool variety of pictures. 

These days a game like this is most likely a licensed product with pictures following a theme of a current trend. I have tried to keep away from games like that now, but some days it's unavoidable... 

Did you have a favourite game as a child that you were good at?  Or remember because you weren't??? 

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