05 December, 2016

The Elf Came Back!

Day 1
Douglas returned with his friend Maggie.  So excited to have a reindeer come to stay too.

Day 2
A game of "Pop To The Shops".   We love this game.  This lot however, substituted the grocery cards for real things from out of the pantry.  Plus, they have been playing with the printer.  They made up the moving markers with images of themselves on them.  The boys were suitably impressed.

Day 3
Today we had new pjs delivered for each of the boys.  They were rather rapt.  Ooops though, we had forgotten to feed Maggie.  She was into the oats.  

Day 4
Poor Maggie...  Douglas put her on the crane & left her sky high all day.  

Day 5
The boys had left the crayons & textas out.  So they both drew each other - sort of...

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