15 December, 2016

Elf Shenanigans

Day 11
Douglas found the Pokemon cards.  So he & Maggie had a Pokemon battle with some but hid 20 in the house.  They left a note & the names of 20 so BJ & DJ had their own game of Pokemon Go.  (we don't have the real one!)  They enjoyed that!  Lucky we found all the cards again!  

Day 12
Is it Maggie & Douglas?  Or Douglas & Maggie?  

 Day 13
BJ made this terrific tree at school.  Twenty four pockets & things to create an Advent calendar.  Douglas & Maggie hung out on there & used a crane to hang the star over the top.  (the star is a quilted coaster!)  They sat their Christmas cards from BJ on the shelf behind & like the boys also do in this house, they left their clothes all over the floor too!

Day 14
Pay back time at last!  DJ was so happy to see that Maggie finally paid Douglas back.  He was tied upside down though.  A bit rough but maybe that will teach him!  lol

Day 15
Fun playing with the felt pictures.  Poor pirates have elf/Santa hats on, & the cannon is shooting snowballs.  Pirates have even built snowmen.  I don't know why the pirate in the middle is upside down.  But DJ had actually put this picture together the previous night.  Douglas & Maggie just embellished it.  

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Anonymous said...

Douglas and Maggie certainly get involved into all the activities the boys do which makes it easier to relate to all the goings on.