20 December, 2016

Taking Stock - December

Making :  socks for Christmas, & a mess of everything else I need to get done.
Cooking :  cookies 
Drinking :  water... lots of water
Reading:  The Christmas Surprise - Jenny Colgan
Trawling:  pinterest
Wanting:  a rest from the crazy weeks schedule.
Looking: forward to holidays
Deciding:  on the last few Christmas gifts.
Wishing:  Every one a joyous Christmas!
Enjoying:  Our family elf Douglas & his reindeer friend Maggie.
Waiting:  for boys to be asleep on time each night   
Wondering:  If Santa did a good job or not.  lol
Loving:  Surprises!
Pondering:  what I have missed for Christmas.
Listening:  to Pentatonix new Christmas album.
Considering:  alternatives to get the boy to sleep on time in the coming week!!!  (hehehe, no not really!)
Buying:  Christmas stuff
Watching:  Outlander
Hoping: the weather is good when we go camping.
Marvelling:  at DJ's portfolio from school.  The teacher has put a huge effort into it.  Totally incredible...  
Cringing:  at how cold it got again & the fact there was snow in the Highlands.
Needing:  Just a little more time alone to get things done.
Smelling: gingerbread biscuits
Wearing: Summer clothing!  & then putting them away again for warmer ones!!!
Following: not much right now, no time.
Disliking:  crazy weather
Opening: some presents at a work Christmas party.
Giggling: at DJ & the stories he comes out with... pineapples in underpants just took the prize!  
Feeling:  worn out
Hearing:  lots of Christmas carols.
Celebrating:  the birth of Jesus.
Pretending:  isn't this time of your full of pretence?
Embracing:  the joys of all things special about the season.

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Anonymous said...

What a lot of things to be thankful for. I should start a list myself just for myself really as there are sometimes very small things we don't seem to count.