10 December, 2016

Elf At Play

Day 6
Hot air balloon ride using DJ's fish lantern thing that he made at school a while ago.

Day 7
Races in the lounge with the animals.  

Day 8
They were hungry apparently.  So they took the mini m&ms out of the boys Advent calendars.  We'll see if they get replaced or not.  It won't be with more m&ms anyway!  

Day 9
Toasting marshmallows.  Douglas used DJ's volcano that he had made at school.  They had a lot of dinosaur play this term with all sorts of cool things to do with dinos & so the volcano was a handy choice for cooking the marshmallows.  (the next day DJ wanted to eat them... he told Stuart he wanted a hot one!  bwahahahaha  )

Day 10
The boys love experiments & anything like that.  Doug & Maggie started an experiment to make ice crystals.  They wrote a note to let the boys try too with instructions.  Lucky for us they left all the required things to try it ourselves so the morning was spent putting that together & now we can watch what happens over the weekend.  The bottom picture is what Maggie & Douglas did overnight!  Came up well. Clever little things they are!  

Edited to add - Borax is suddenly hard to get in Australia.  No one sells it now except for an agriculture/garden/farm goods store.  The stuff they sold wasn't 100% borax as it turned out so it took a lot more & a lot longer to get the results that we were finally able to try again.

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Anonymous said...

Douglas & Maggie certainly have some wonderful ideas and tricks up their sleeves. I wonder where they get all these ideas from.