24 December, 2016

Bye Douglas and Maggie

Gee, where did the time go? It's time for our little friends to leave already!  It's been quite a joy this time seeing them here.  The boys have loved them visiting again, They haven't been too much trouble & made too much mess for us.

Day 21
Hmmm...  wrapping up the TV.  Well that didn't impress anyone much but they'll survive!  lol

Day 22
I was so excited.  We got out new kitchen stools.  I got to pick them up & assemble them the day before.  I guess it is kind of fitting that Doug & Maggie wrapped them as they are our Christmas present to each other.  :-)   

Day 23
A game of chess!  Fancy that.  It's been personalised.  Oh it is very cute.  Definitely a favourite.  BJ thought it was cool.  It's his game.  

Day 24
Wow, the month has past.  Douglas & Maggie will leave tonight.  They left a couple of cute things.  They put a photo in some Christmas snowglobes for the boys.  They will love those all year.  & a Santa music box which is pretty.  A nice addition to our Christmas ornament collection too.  Lovely. 

It's been lovely having them to stay again.  Can't believe it is time for them to go already!  

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Anonymous said...

What a lot of fun it has been for you all to see the antics they got up to this year. They will miss living at your house I'm sure.