20 December, 2016

Elf Fun Continues

Day 16
Seems Douglas & Maggie have been taking pictures around the house with the boys camera.  Pictures on each of our beds & with their toys.  He stuck one set on the wall & the other was sitting on the table.  

Day 17
Far out, now he's getting rough.  Bringing a chainsaw inside is really pushing it.  Fancy chopping down our tree!!!  

Day 18
Ok Douglas, we get the hint.  You want us to make gingerbread biscuits.  Thanks for that.  Like I don't have enough to do!!!

So we did of course!!!  I also made a batch of lemon cordial, lemon slice & marshmallows.  But that can all wait until the next day before I do anything further...  

Day 19
Awww...  Douglas & Maggie gave me a hand this time.  They got the tray of marshmallow out of the fridge & cut them into Christmas tree shapes & coated them with green!  That's a big help as that was one less job for Monday...  Christmas party food is ready to go.  

Day 20
Douglas & Maggie made the boys lunches.  Sounds like it was really exciting.  I heard later that they had put some treats in the lunch box, made wraps, decorated a gingerbread cooker from the other day, put in new things, wrapped the box in Christmas paper, wrapped the apples in each, they even made jelly & wrapped the jelly up.  All that is hiding inside their bag here.  How fun are Doug & Maggie!!!

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Anonymous said...

What fun Doug and Maggie have been having. I wish they would make my lunch sometime because that all sounded delicious.