16 October, 2014

Week Of Crafty Bits

It's been a bit of this & a bit of that week in craft world this week.  

A friend of mine did this embroidery...
Like the embroideries I did a couple of weeks ago, my friend got interested.  She got it all stitched up, picked some fabric & I sewed it into the hanging for her.  It's cute.  

A friend of DJ's is having a birthday on the weekend.  He is a tractor mad little boy.  So I made a tractor hat!  DJ is modelling it for us.  It's been a while since I did a hat & well, I guess it won't be the last for a while...  summer is coming!  

Also picked up the crochet hook while sitting outside trying to avoid the boys yelling inside.  Unfortunately they followed me outside & it just got louder but I got a bit done out there in the warm spring air.  This one is for the CAL that I am still running.  Only one square left to post & we have 20 for the year.  Not bad really.  I have skipped a couple as one I am scared to go back to.  Have to print up another 2.  Then almost done!  

Hope you are all getting some crafty things done too!  

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Anonymous said...

You certainly can switch between one craft and another. The advantage would be you can't get bored with things that way.