21 October, 2014

Another Crossed Off The List

Yay, I was able to cross off the 6 ornaments I wanted done that is on my list.  That list on the right that has my craft list of things that I would like to see done but know it won't all be done...  

I think I have 10 ornaments done but can't even remember right now.  

The boys both picked another.  BJ picked the Santa with the owl.  
DJ picked Polar Bear.
I needed a smaller one to do before I did the santas after doing the last big Santa.  So I did the Happy Holidays.  

I was told it was still Stuart's turn to pick!  Oh, so he has picked one now.  Have to get onto that.  Soon...  lol  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I should make a list of things I have to do still but it won't always be my favourite things', probably things I've been putting off. So, good on you for getting more done.