13 October, 2014

Ice Breaking

If you remember the other week, at the start of the holidays here, I started freezing animals in a bucket.  Well we dug it out of the freezer on Saturday.  The boys didn't know about it & it proved a hit.  We all had turns whacking it with a few different things.  Some worked, some didn't.  

We spent an hour on it on Saturday.  It ended up being a bit of ice play with ice bits going down shirts.  To be expected of course.  Was rather fun.  An hour though chipping away!  Not bad.  

It went back in the freezer for Sunday afternoon then.  Still another hour & unfortunately I spent most of the time rescuing the animals.  Unfortunately some come out a little worse for wear, missing limbs, ears or antlers.  Oh well, the boys won't lose any sleep over that.  

It was a fun experiment & they really enjoyed it so it was worth the little bit of trouble it took to make in the first place!  Really, almost no time at all to make!  

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