06 October, 2014

Celebrate Spring

For the last few years we have been to the local Celebrate Spring event at the arboretum nearby.  It's always nice & has some nice activities for the boys to do...

A weaving wall - 

Kite making - 

Face/arm painting - 

Rapt with their designs...

They did all go to look at the reptile display but I kept away from that bit...  I can't look at them.  

A walk around some of the tree park!  They remember what they did last year & so we repeated a lot of that.  

A walk up the big hill to see more trees, but mostly for a bit of a view.

Bbq sausages for lunch on the lawn listening to the entertainment.  They have a selection of musicians & bands scheduled throughout the day.  

A bit of relaxing in the sunshine...  

& some really good icecream while listening to more entertainment & watching the "Bright Stars Dance Troupe".  They were a group of people with Downs Syndrome of all ages.  They did such a great job.  

It was a really nice few hours out to something different in the middle of the holidays.  

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Bron said...

Your boys are at a great age to enjoy family days at such fun events. Sunshine, icecreams, arm painting and music ...sounds perfect. Xx