23 October, 2014

Crafting ADD!

Yep sometimes I think I have CADD...  Craft Attention Deficit Disorder...  I really can't do one for long...  there are so many things to do that I have to do a bit of all of them at the moment.  

But that's OK I think.  For me it has to be.  I do what my mood tells me to do & what time & situations allow right now.  

A couple of nights & I had this crochet square done.  Almost finished the CAL which will be sad I think but good too.  I have a load of squares to join though so that will be another thing to decide on & add to the list of things to do.  

This is a scarf, Gathered scarf, that I have been working on & off of for about 3 months.  It's a teacher gift for the end of year so there was no rush & it was handy to just whip out when I went knitting or needed something to pick up that didn't take much thought.  

This is the Eco- bag that I made a bunch of last Christmas.  We got the sheep fabric in at work recently & I need a present for a friend & I really had to use this fabric for her.  It was just a matter of deciding what to make with it.  I decided on this as it will be an easy mailing thing too.  The sheep are adorable.  I sewed this up last night while tea was cooking & watching the boys so they didn't kill each other.  

So I'm quite pleased - two Christmas gifts done.  Yay!  

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Hanne said...

Lovely scarf! And good on you to have finished some xmas-gifts already. I've decided not to knit/craft any this year, well except for the afghan from the cal. Actually I started joining some of the squares yesterday. It's been a really nice cal, I've enjoyed it so much! So thank you once again Mandy! :)
Happy Weekend to you and your boys!