04 October, 2014


We finally got to the local children's interactive science place.  They have had this exhibition on for about 6 months & it ends next week, so we were fast running out of time to visit it.  BJ doesn't forget either that we still had to go see the dinosaurs.  It was an exhibition of the Permian Monsters so whether that technically makes them dinosaurs or not I don't know.  But according to the time chart (which I should have taken a picture of) it showed this lot became extinct & dinosaurs were still living for a while after.  So there you go.  

But for the benefit of the boys, we will go with dinosaurs.  This first guy greeted you on the way in.  He was very life like & roared & moved.  An amazing piece of work.  Unfortunately though, the lady that let us in must have had experience with little ones that were scared as DJ was.  He was trembling & I couldn't actually put him down near this or the next one for quite some time.  

There were 4 of these tub things that you could "dig" in & find fossils, bones or bits of dinos.  They were all stuck down the bones etc, but it was fun for the boys to try to find what was in there.  

Some very impressive looking creatures that you wouldn't really want to see in real life, walking around the bush!  

If this makes any sense to any of you sciene types, then you may find it interesting.  

Took DJ a little while but he finally decided he liked dinosaurs after all & would actually venture a bit closer to the big ones, but not the one on the way out.  

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Bron said...

What a great hands on display....your big boy looks as if he took the little guy under his protective wing. x