22 September, 2014

Sunday Snapshot


What an awesome day it was.  I put up a sneak peak on the portraits yesterday, but needed to add a couple of others.  It was so much fun.  

I sent the boys out quite early.  About 9.30am.  Told them they had to get outside for a while.  TV off & play out.  Don't mind what you do but you are outside!  

It turned out to be nearly 5 hours worth of outside!  For BJ that was quite huge.  He is quite an inside kind of kid already.  Soooo...  having sent him out he wanted to do something to earn pocket money.  So Stuart took them both out front to wash the car.  Well of course they didn't actually get it finished but they had a lot of fun trying!  

Then they wanted to play with the sprinkler.  
Then the clam shell with water in it, so I put that under the sprinkler.  
Shed layers of clothes & put bathers on the bottoms at least.  
Smother them with sunscreen as that sun was hot & sure had some sting.  Lucky I did as I heard of others that got burnt yesterday & the boys were a little pink this morning.  (yes, when you get sun here you really burn, not just a little sun tan, but deep burn!)
Then one sprinkler was off & the other was on & sitting in the pool.  
Combine that with trampoline play, lunch outside on the deck & an icecream in a cone, it was a nice time spent outside & a nice relaxing day in readiness for a new crazy week.  


Anonymous said...

Lovely to see the kids pitching in and being occupied with fun things.

Bron said...

So much fun...what a good mumma shooing them off outside. You can never be too wary of the sun these days either...this is the worst time to get burnt as we are all too unprepared. xxxx