14 September, 2014

Christmas Finishes

Saturday was a busy day with swimming lessons & a party to attend.  
But I did get some time to finish my embroideries off!  

I did them in a mini quilt style though on reflection I think I would have prefered to do the other way on both!  Oh well, they are still OK.  I really like them on the print snowflake fabric though!  I had a hard time trying to decide how to stitch them a bit to stick layers together  ...  so I got some whiteish metallic thread & did some really rough stipple quilting on a select few of the snowflakes on each.  I prefer the snowflakes on the penguins.  They were nicer to replicate than the snowman fabric snowflakes.  Last night I hand stitched the bindings & they were done.  

No offence intended to the designer, but I really like mine on the printed fabric as opposed to the calico type fabric that comes with the pattern & is preprinted ready to be stitched!  

Anyway, they are done now.  I have been slowly adding knitted rows to the scarf I am stitching for the teacher gift this year.  It's a slow process, though an enjoyable one, but a simple one to chuck in my bag & carry with me to knitting group or such things...  

I have done a little crochet but am stuck on the most previous pattern for the CAL.  May revisit that when I feel brave enough.  The weather is changing & my craft mood is changing!  Ekkk...  So my poor brain will be crafty chaos again!  What to do first!!!  Decisions, decisions!

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