16 September, 2014

Amazing Moment

Do any of you have a child with anxiety?  

I do, BJ has it. ( He gets it from his mother!)  

So to see him get up in front of the school assembly & read his creative writing out, was quite something.  You have no idea.  Or maybe you do.  

I am still surprised he went through with it actually.  But he did & I was a very proud mum.  (a very proud mum who cried!)

On a side note but still relating to children with anxiety I recently bought the book "Go Away, Mr Worrythoughts!" for BJ.  We have read it a number of times.  Any time he has an issue we will sit & read it if he asks for it, even if we are running late for school.  It's usually school that is causing the issues, so we have to take the time to read.  It's a great, simple book to give kids some sort of empowerment & coping skills from an early age in a way they can understand.  

He also loves it as the author wrote his name in the front, to him, specially...  What a nice touch!  


Bron said...

That is totally awesome and very worthy of a crying mumma moment....I am sure you will in time give him all the right tools to be everything he can be and conquer any of those anxieties he has. Xxxxxx

Sally said...

Bravo BJ!

This is so fantastic. I am so super chuffed to read about it. Brilliant.

And yes. Raising anxious children. It's a tricky journey. I'll be looking up that book for sure.

Hannesol said...

What a touching post! I'm soo happy both for BJ and for you!<3
My youngest had some issues for awhile so I know the drill; quite exhausting and heartbreaking for a mummy's heart.

Happy weekend to you all! :)