12 September, 2014

Stitching Stuff

OK, so working in a craft shop can be dangerous!  On the pocket for one thing, but on my thought processes for another!  I get so many ideas in there that my brain overloads!  

We have had these patterns from The Birdhouse for sometime.  Each year she has been bringing out a new design.  We have them all worked up & hanging at work.  The design comes preprinted on a calico type fabric...  They also have the design on paper so you can do more!  

Well this one of Chilly Penguins is the latest.  One of my favourites.  I haven't done any of them before.  

This year also sees lots of new fabrics with snowflakes on them.  I need snowflakes!  I ussed some on the Christmas trio I stitched & sewed last week.  But now I used another for the penguins...  I used a black DMC stranded thread for the design, & left all the stitched snowflakes off. I didn't need them for obvious reasons.   I did consider doing them in metallic but no, too much...  I stitched the penguins on the weekend.  Should have posted it a few days ago but too busy stitching....  


I think the snowmen are last years design!  I used a white snowflake fabric for them & DMC 3848 for the stitching.  A dark teal kind of colour as the background of the flakes in a light teal.  Blue thread didn't work.  Again, I didn't stitch the snowflakes that were part of the design.  

Better not get any more inspiration or ideas at work today as I should do some housework on the weekend.  But I do want to finish them off into their hangings...  Aim for that first.  :-)
So much to do!  

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Bron said...

I am always impressed with your motivation for crafting...my mojo has long gone. xxx