29 September, 2014

Holiday Ideas

The holidays are here.  A much needed break from school & routines.  Ahhhh....  

But once again, we find ourselves on a serious budget.  For some reason it always lands on holiday times.  It's OK, as I don't think the holidays need to be spent doing stuff that cost money.  They don't need to be spent out & about a lot either.  Home is good too.  

I have been checking out some ideas for use at home though...  A bit of creativity on my part, to give them something else to try/play/do...  

Yesterday was chalk drawing.  We have a small patch on concrete to draw on.  I quickly did a rough road, river, a couple of houses & trees.  Put the cars & boats on it & I was done.  The boys spent a good hour there before lunch.  It was good.  They added to the drawing.  A haunted house?  Zombies?  Yes they are boys!!!  Fire in the trees!  But they drove cars & trucks & boats.  All good.  

It rained a bit more last night so our canvas should be clean & ready for a new one.  

Also I started a tub in the freezer full of farm animals.  HUH I hear you ask???  

Yeah I know, but I started with this layer in the freezer & slowly added another layer or water & animals over the course of yesterday.  I will have a giant lump of ice with toy crap in it basically!  

But later in the holidays I will get it out for the boys to chisel, hammer, whack, whatever it takes, to get those animals out of their iceberg.  Should be interesting fun.  They don't know about it.  I wasn't going to tell them because otherwise you get that continuous asking when it is going to be ready & when they can have it...  need some surprises for later on.  Hopefully we have a really nice warm day later on in the holidays.  

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Bron said...

Both clever economical ideas....yes school holidays are perfect for hanging out at home...hope you get that nice warm day you are wanting xxxxx