25 September, 2014

Cross Stitching Again

It's so nice to be doing a little of this again.  

I recently have sold an awful lot of my cross stitching stuff.  I mean, ummm... lots...  but I did buy some too.  I got the new 2014 Mill Hill Christmas ornaments.  This is 3 of them that I have stitched over this last week.  I do enjoy my stitching.  It's still hard though to do any bigger projects with this DJ around like he is, a whirlwind that I don't trust near my "special" stuff!  He still doesn't get it!  

Anyway, these are 3 of the new ornaments that I just made into hangers this morning.  

Just started another ornament.  BJ picked the next one to do & DJ picked the one after that.  They are older ones they picked.  They just looked through the ones I have.  Well some of them, I didn't delve too deep into the box of ones I have yet to do...  I think that quantity equals the ones that I have done!  So I need to stitch faster!  

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Anonymous said...

They are so cute. They will look lovely on the tree.