29 September, 2012

Vintage Fabric

In 2010 I participated in this sheet swap.  It was good fun.  I have some pretty vintage pieces as a result & some other purchases I made since then.  

BUT... I'm not using it!  

Sooooooooo.... I know plenty of you out there in blogland will put it to better use.  

I will offer some up to some of you.  What I will do is if YOU can send me a self addressed 500g Aussie Post mail satchel thingy, I will fill it with fabric for you.  I really want to move some of this stuff out of the cupboard & this stuff won't be used in any great hurry in my house at the moment.  

The first 5 to leave a comment here with an email address & being happy to send the 500g satchel to me first, I will be only too happy to share my vintage fabric loot!  I will email you my mailing address so you can send it to me!  

At the moment I will leave it at 5.  If after that I find I have more to share around I will put up a new offer.  If I remember correctly,. I think I got 13 different fat quarters in my swap in a 500g mail bag.  Not bad variety to be had.  Also if you would prefer larger than a fat quarter for other uses, let me know that so I don't chop what I have too much!  

Any takers?


Bron said...

Oh you must know I am always a sucker for fabric...so i would love to send you a satchel and receive some of your goodness. xxxx

Sally said...

YAY... I'm comment #2. Will send you a post bag on Tuesday... because tomorrow is a public holiday. YAY!!!