18 September, 2012

Do You Pin?

Hi there!  Are you on Pinterest?  It's the latest web craze I think!  It is so inspirational though!  Full of so many ideas for so many things!  Amazing!  Some things are just so simple it is crazy how simple & how stupid I feel for not having thought of such a simple things myself!  Really it is amazing what you will find there!  
Some of my favourite ideas are following:

1.  Cupcake papers in a spaghetti jar!  Find more info here!  Quite a simple way to store them & you can see easily what you have!  

2.  Do you have pavers with weeds like this?  I did!  But I sprayed - well actually BJ sprayed them with the vinegar mix that is found here.  

3.  I love this!  Stu got a 6 pack of beer given the other week & I kept the box.  I won't put drinks in it, but I like the ideas of using it for packaging!  A bit of cute scrapping or gift wrap paper over the box & it has huge potential!  I was thinking maybe even a ball of wool in each 6 pack space!  Cute!  Something will come to me before Christmas, but in the meantime the reindeers are cute!  

The lolly bottles are cute too but not for Father's Day!  lol  

4.  This is one of my favourite ideas!  So much so that I actually bought the file boxes just yesterday.  Yes I am ready!  Bring it on!  I got one for each of the boys already.  BJ starts school next year.  OK so DJ doesn't for a few years yet but I can use the box for a few other things in the meantime.  It really is a great idea!  Save all their stuff for them & when they move out or you clean out, hand them a box!  lol  

5.  Do you like these little packages?  Aren't they clever!  & you know what?  They are made from a loo roll!  There are more ideas here!  

6.  How simple is this?  I am going to do this with the bits of ribbon I have strewn through a ribbon box!  Very simple!  It will stay fixed in place!  

So after all that inspiration have you joined Pinterest yet?   


Vicky said...

I was spending way to much time on pinterest so banned myself for awhile LOL

Bron said...

I don't have a pin account...too dangerous for time...but I do look through for ideas when needed and then follow back to the website. You have found some super ideas too.
I think you may need several boxes each for the boys before they move out....I have over flowing ones and my guys aren't all that old. xxx

Sally said...

I'm certainly enjoying Pinterest ;)
I bought myself a packet of wooden pegs a couple of months back... and am yet to tidy my embroidery flosses. Maybe if I spent less time on pinterest I'd have the time?!?!?

Moving my cup cake patties into spag jar tomorrow... really ... I am!