25 September, 2012

Finger Puppets

Yes, it's true!  I've now been making finger puppets!  As you do!  But you know what, I have a little knitted snowman finger puppet that I bought at a school fair when I was a little kid.  I still have the snowman finger puppet somewhere here in this load of kids toys around the house!  

I saw the cute finger puppets on Pinterest & had to get the patterns for some Woodland friends through the link on Etsy.   They are cute.  Easy too!  Quite fast too as there is glue involved as well as sewing!  So we have a family of  a Hedgehog, Fox & Owl!  Yes the owl is pink because that is BJ's favourite colour at the moment.  But that's ok, I made a blue one & green on & some brown ones too.  They are cute & great for little fingers.  They were good fun.   So much so, we still have some others in the process of making!  

Once again it was hard to get a decent picture!  Arrrghh... So the first pic you can see the animals quite well. Then we have a bunch of outtakes cos they are just fun pictures of BJ & not so nice of the animals!  lol  But best of all he still really loves all the stuff I make him & adds his enthusiasm which just makes me want to keep making him stuff.  I wonder if DJ will be like that too!  Hmmm... interesting...  

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Bron said...

They are really lovely...so much story telling to be done with those. xx