14 September, 2012

New Colours

It didn't take me long to start on a new colour way for my next square sampler.  Well actually I did start these before I had finished my rainbows.  The first square here just didn't lend itself to my rainbow sequence of colours.  I had these 5 colours waiting in the wings for the right moment to play with them & so Crown Jewels was the first in the colours.  I really like these colours.  Quite un-bright compared to my last 2.  Quite orderly even.  I picked the colour pattern from a swatch I liked at design seeds & one that actually had the colours in the yarn range I like to use for these.  This was a square from our CAL recently.  It's a good one.  I really enjoyed doing it & will no doubt make more of them in the future!  

This was the next one in our CAL & is Tumbling Diamonds & designed by one of the ladies that runs the group on Ravelry.  It's a nice on & came up well with these colours too. 

I actually am in a couple of other groups that do squares too & hadn't participated in any of them yet.  I came across this one in the Melinda Miller group.  It's called Kiss the Bride & was nice to do.  Quite enjoying the colours & not having to do them in an order like the rainbows!  It's quite liberating & leaves me so much choice that it isn't exactly easy to pick what goes where but it's fun all the same!  I could always do multiples if I wanted.  So that's me once again!  

Happy Weekend to You!  

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