22 September, 2012

More Squares

I have enjoyed this new colour way of squares.  I have had lots of fun lately doing a few squares while the mood took me.  

This one was fun!  It's Lucky Charms.  Fun square to do & not as hard as it looked.  

This was the latest installment in our CAL.  It's called Impossible Hexagon, but wasn't at all which was a relief!  In fact it was really easy!  

I enjoyed this one.  This was part of another group on Ravelry.  I had joined the group a while back but hadn't done anything from it yet.  I like this!  But it looks crooked.  I am hoping it pulls straight when it is joined.  Oh & it's called Firenze.  

So there you have it!  Happy Weekend!

1 comment:

Sally said...

The middle one is my favourite. Loving these new colours. Classic.