01 August, 2017

Hook In Hand

It's been ages since I have picked up a crochet hook.  Can't remember the last time I did actually.  Last year I think though as I can't recall anything but knitting & sewing this year so far.

After knitting the big thick blanket for my nephew I still wanted to do a light cotton one.  I ordered in the greys in the Heirloom 8ply cotton at work.  Yes, I did.  lol  I do most of the yarn ordering which is fun.

It took a little while to decide on a pattern & although I went with this one it still isn't quite what I had in mind even though I love it.  Meet Me At Mike's have a really good tutorial on this one if you want to give the Larksfoot design a go.  I do enjoy doing it & try to do a couple of stripes a day.  It won't be huge though & should be done shortly, with time to spare before the next visitor goes to visit Diesel & can deliver it.  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love the stitch and colours you used in the blanket, and the socks you are wearing there with a cable.