21 August, 2017

Super Excited!

I just finished up my brick socks.

I'm also sulking as everyone in the house is asleep including the dog who is snoring behind me.  But she is colourblind anyway so won't appreciate the rainbows.  

They are King's Cross socks, inspired by Harry Potter's platform 9¾.  I left off that bit & just went with the brick work as for these, it's all about the colour isn't it!  

I'm just pleased they are done.  I had 3 days of no knitting as I was sick, but today wanted these over with.  

Now I've shown someone, I'm going to bed.  Happy now.  :-)


Socks # 11 - 2017


Anonymous said...

Oh! they are so pretty. Much too nice to wear where people can't see them. Wonderful job done.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I hope you are feeling better now. These are amazing. Congrats on this lovely finish. I expect they were much admired when everyone woke up :)