25 August, 2017

Taking Stock - August

Making :  socks & socks.  Oh & Lego!
Cooking :  as little as possible & leaving it to Stuart.  
Drinking :  to much coffee.
Reading:  True Colors - Kristin Hannah
Trawling:  The e-magaine of sock patterns.
Wanting:  more hours in a day.
Looking:  at my stash to see which sock yarns suit some new patterns.
Deciding:  On Christmas gift making....  & some birthday gifts still to come this year.
Wishing:  I didn't get sick.
Enjoying: watching the calves playing over the road.
Pondering:  Scrap sock yarn.  Oh the potential...
Listening:  Zac Brown Band
Buying:  bins to sort a pile of Lego into.  We will see if the sorting lasts.
Watching:  Foyle's War starting over at season 1.
Hoping: I don't get sick again for ages.
Needing: a little more time to get my knitting ideas done!
Smelling:  all the washing trying to dry inside.
Wearing:  layers.   Lots of layers.
Noticing: spring is on the way.
Knowing:  It is going to rain on the weekend.  Again.  For about the 8th weekend in a row!
Thinking:  up ideas to use the scrap sock yarn.
Admiring:  some really talented knitters in the sock world & what they create without patterns.  
Bookmarking:  to many sock patterns.
Disliking:  that the year is flying by.


Anonymous said...

A lovely long list again. I need to make a list of things which I should be getting done because it is a good motivator when they can be crossed out.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Great list - and a good idea to make one :)