19 August, 2017

Pop Up Dig

Science Week has been on in our area for the last week or 2.  

I was excited to find an event in a brochure about a Pop up Dig for kids being put on by the Universities here.  

So booked the boys in & we went.  I managed to go too.  Fortunately there were seats so I could do lots of sitting after still getting over bugs.  

The boys had a great time though & learnt quite a bit & loved being hands on with the different parts they could be hands on with.  

Sorting out different types of "rubbish" that has been dug.  Listening to info on ageing it.

Aboriginal history too which in Australia is quite important as yes, if you find stuff it will probably go back to aboriginal times.  

Also learning to dig which isn't actually digging but scrapping!  Finding & sorting out different things they dug & sifted.  

All good fun!

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Anonymous said...

What a terrific project for kids to be able to go to. They must be learning so many things we never ever thought about when we were kids.