31 July, 2017

Unusual Finish

Crazy day that was yesterday with the painting had me finishing that today.

A quick trip to town to add a bit of paint as I wasn't going to quite make it with what I had left.

Third coat on the ceiling & third on the walls had that much complete.  Then it was on to moving the washing machine to do the little patch behind.  Of course, that meant a batch of cleaning too.  Lovely how it looks behind those things - NOT!

See what a pretty colour it was?  That was the colour of the whole room & the ceiling was too!  Really bad.  Anyway, it's really bright now.  Bright, white & clean.

 Instead of watching paint dry I did manage to get the last heel in this pair of socks.  Another of the Cascade Heritage Paints yarns from work.  These will be a Christmas gift I think.  

Socks #10 - 2017

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Anonymous said...

It looks nice and bright. A lovely feeling when a job like that is finished.