29 July, 2017


I tried something new in the socks.  

July challenge on a knitting page was "Stash Dive".  So yes, I can do that.  Why not!  Find some yarn I have had for a long time & use it.  Yes, I can definitely do that.  

I pulled out this Patons Stretch Sock yarn that I have had for probably about 10 years.  I didn't look to figure out how long exactly.  But long enough.  So now I have a new pair of Circle socks!  Really pleased with them actually.  I thought they were going to be too tight but I adjusted the heel to give it a little more room & it worked perfectly.   

I didn't do the heel on the pattern but went with an afterthought heel like I usually do.  I did start the one on  the pattern but didn't like it.  I also did these from the cuff down which I haven't tried for a long time.  I don't like that either.  Turns out that the circles could have been done toe up too as the pattern for those wouldn't make any difference.  

Socks # 9  - 2017

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Anonymous said...

I love the stitching you used on the tops. What a shame no one will see that under slacks.