26 March, 2017

Taking Stock - February & March

Cooking :  lots of food with zucchini.  See some favourite recipes here that we have enjoyed. 
Making :  stuff for the school fair
Drinking :  water
Reading:  Book Of Lost Threads - Tess Evans
Trawling:  sewing patterns
Wanting:  to get through more books that are on the shelf & have been for ages.
Looking:  at what I need to do next
Deciding:  what to do with zucchini next!
Wishing: I had a fairy to come & cook tea 
Enjoying: listening to BJ learning new piano tunes.
Waiting: for when DJ can have lessons.  
Liking: the cooler nights.  Ahhh...  sleep...
Wondering:  where February went!
Loving:  having the chickens in the orchard!
Listening:  to DJ sing crazy made up songs.
Considering:  what to make for next years fair.
Buying:  all sorts - piano books online this week.   I'm excited about that!  
Watching:  Our Girl season 1.  For the third time
Hoping:  Season 2 of Our Girl is out soon.
Needing: some garden magic.  Anyone want to pull weeds out?
Getting:  winter boots.  Can't wait to wear them!  
Bookmarking:  sewing stores
Feeling: clever that I made tomato sauce from our harvest.

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