13 March, 2017

Late Summer

The rumours were true about us getting summer in March!  I won't complain though as we have been able to get a lot done at home.  

Today was a holiday.  So not only was it a brilliant day as we were home, but the day was just magnificent.  Stuart & I had a big day.  Stuart had got quite a bit done over the rest of the weekend so I could get in there & nail some wire on fence palings.  It was great.  It is really good to be almost just about done.  But we ran out of wire, again!  Also out of U shaped nails that I have been nailing on.  I even went out to buy the next hardware store out.  So I have to find another hardware store this week.  (unfortunately Stuart knows that it is close to Spotlight so he doesn't think it is a good idea at all that I go to get them!  lol)  

Having got most of the wire on though I did open the chicken run so the girls could have a walk.  Snowy was the only one to brave the yard the first time & then later on when it had cooled off a bit I tried again & they all went for a walk about catching bugs.  They are quite quick really!  

While they were roaming, the boys were playing in the sprinkler.  We haven't done a great deal of that sort of thing at all this past summer.  So it was a really terrific day!  Busy & lazy too.  

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Anonymous said...

How good that the chickens can roam around now and again. I've heard before that they keep all the weeds down.