25 March, 2017

Nailed It

Maybe I should call it "Zippered It"!  

Another party coming up in a week, but while I printed up the name for the other one I did this one.  So, got stuck into it & sewed it up.  Actually it took a little longer this time.  

I wasn't happy with the zips I had put in.  Or rather how I had put them in.  I just couldn't get them pretty enough.  Not for my liking anyway.  So I did a search & came up with this tutorial which was exactly what I needed to refine my work.  It worked a treat & made the whole bottom look so much better.  Six year old's won't care either way, but it is still nice to learn something.  Improve things, you know.  So we have different front & back for this Star Wars cushion.  Should be liked too I hope!  

ETA - This was a hit.  Apparently it will be something he treasures forever.  awww... nice...

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Anonymous said...

Another one of the cushions. So very clever and amazing to be able to find material to suit these boys.