18 March, 2017

Fair Day

Well the day arrived!

Just to add to the busy crazy time that has been this week, why not throw in a class dog!

Oh I was excited on Friday evening to find out that DJ had this weekend to take the class dog home & record it's exciting weekend with us!  I guess it was nice that we had things to report about other than making a fence!

Daisy Dog had 2 birthday parties for our family members to attend.

& of course the fair.  So yes, DJ had to carry her to school.  The family all walked down.  I went down at stupid early o'clock to help set up our craft stall though it was half done the day before.

Daisy & DJ at the craft stall in front of the slippers that Gran & Aunty Sheila knitted for the stall.

DJ & Daisy with the stand for the hamper prizes. 

DJ & Daisy dressed in the costume that DJ got in his show bag.  

It was a massive day.  The fair was a huge success as usual.  The boys had a great time.  I was flat out on the craft stall.  It was good fun really.

OK, a report on my stuff.  Success or not?

Peg bag aprons - all gone!
Fabric cover notebook holders - all gone.
Souvenir tea-towel tote bags - just over half gone I think.  Also hopefully networked a little to try to get hold of some more.  hehehehe
Hanging hand towels - not many gone at all.
Framed inspirational pictures - all but one lonely one gone.  The last one was never going to go once it was all that was left.  But the target audience of the school kids was a success as mostly they went to kids.  Good price & trendy product currently.
Fabric Baskets - Half went...  happy with that.

So there you go.  If you need some ideas for your own school, that may be a help!!!

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Anonymous said...

Fancy having to look after "Daisy the Dog" when the fair is on. Poor Daisy to have to be dragged around there. But she did look good in her costume.