12 March, 2017

Beautiful Rain

I was given a stack of souvenir tea-towels last week.  I was a bit excited!  I also picked up another couple in an op shop.  They weren't there last week!  Timed that well.  

Work on Saturday meant I didn't do much of anything but did get started on them on Saturday evening.  

The lovely rain all morning this morning meant that I had a good chance to power through some bags though.  13 bags, 2 of which went back to the giver of some of the towels.  She is excited to be able to use them in a more interesting way, that not drying dishes as we all know souvenir tea-towels are made to look at really as they don't dry a thing.  

Here is a selection of them anyway.  A couple of interesting ones that aren't from a particular place like most are.  But certainly retro!  

I also got my sauce making action happening...  I am not one to make stuff like that usually.  But this lot of little red things needed some use.  It was a very productive day!

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Anonymous said...

Tomatoes look good. Would have made a nice sauce or relish. Always best with your own produce.