15 August, 2015

What's Hiding In The Bag?

It always amazes me what is hiding in a bag of scrap yarn!  Do you have a pile of bits?  This is one little orange bag I had small scraps stashed in.  They boys sometimes use bits of it to stick on things.  But I have had in mind a plan to use them & the other acrylic scraps left over from my many acrylic blankets.  I tried the corner to corner crochet blanket in the past week & it's great.  A good pattern to start off using the small bits.  

So I started the night with this mess...  

& so far so good...

It's a good way to use up bits & who really cares in the end about colours & orders etc...  This is for my dog Juneau anyway.  She sure won't mind.

I just love to see what a bag of scraps is in disguise!

1 comment:

Bron said...

That's awesome...love the colours. although i am not a fan of the tying ends in and this one looks like it has a lot. xxx