24 August, 2015

Juenau's Blanket

Quite pleased with Juneau's blanket.  It came up really pretty.  Being a stash buster I did get lots of acrylic yarn used up.  That was the aim.  It's about 1m square...  The boys enjoyed it.  I would ask them to pick the next colour out of the bag for me.  So they did have some input & enjoyed it too.  The ends weren't even so bad to weave in, even with the extras in the middle of rows when I joined short bits of the colours.

I still expect I have enough to do another easily but I don't have the small coloured fun scraps left like from this one.  This has bits from BJ & DJ's ripple blankets, about 5 of my crochet square samplers from the last few years & probably some other one or 2.  So there is a bit of variety.

A quick & easy blanket anyway!

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Bron said...

That is really great...love that the boys helped you. xxx