04 August, 2015

New Knitwear

Every time we have our knitting get together I get so inspired each time.  Last time I ended up casting on a new thing that night.  I had planned to do it for a while but it was only earlier that week I remembered some yarn stash I had that might work for it.  So I checked it out & there was enough for one but not another.  So I started.  

On the weekend I finished it.  It was about 6 weeks I think.  

It's called Tea with Jam & Bread.  I have made it before in a child size.  But like the simplicity of the pattern for myself, although I had never done pockets before.  So, that was my challenge that I was determined to learn.  I did it.  

Yay, learnt something new!  Used up yarn stash!  Have a new jumper for myself!  


Anonymous said...

It looks terrific and warm, Very good for this time of the year. Well done.

Bron said...

....and perfect for your cold cold winters...love it !!