03 August, 2015

Snow Day = Crochet

Playing a bit of crochet catch up again.  Yesterday I managed the top square Butterfly Garden & then today being a snow day with a very rare event of snow falling at home, there wasn't much better to do than whip up Waldo's Puzzle in between watching the weather change, listening to reading & waiting for dinner to cook.  I think I got the rings in the right place this time too!  I have done it once before & it was only when I was finished that I realised I still had it wrong.  Seems OK this time.  I've been so busy knitting but it feels good to have these done now too.

1 comment:

Bron said...

Snow days.....I read about that last night...wow how cool to say you had a snow day and then were forced to be home and indulge in something creative! Xxxx