25 August, 2015


So Bookweek is here again.

But I got of a bit lightly this year.  No sewing required.  Well I could have if I wanted to create an awful LOT of work for myself!  

BJ decided this year he wanted to be Bofur a dwarf from The Hobbit.  Ekkk...  he made the decision based on his furry hat that he had been given for his birthday I think.

The picture he showed me first up with this one...

Thank goodness this was weeks ago so I had time to think about it...  

A visit to one large op shop did the trick.  Turns out ladies clothing includes lots of brown jackets, but finding one small enough was the trick.  I didn't think over size was going to matter a great deal though for the character.  So this one worked out well, a nice Miss Shop suede jacket with furry bits.  lol  (he doesn't know it is a girls jacket!)

Anyway, Bookweek is over again for another year.  Next year will be dressing up 2 of them!  

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Bron said...

That is so awesome...he looks terrific.....no dress ups for us just winter school swimming lessons !