20 December, 2014

What A Great Festive Start

In our little village by the river, every year the local volunteer Fire Brigade come around on the weekend before Christmas & they have a special guest with them - Santa.  He stops around the neighbourhood & visits all the boys & girls & hands out bags of lollies.  (70 this morning!)

What a great haul this was.  

We were 2 doors over from our place, with 5 families altogether.  Three of them have children in BJ's class so we all see each other all year.  But all do go to the local school except for the littler ones of course.    

We stayed all morning after Santa left & then had a few treats like icy poles!  

Presents to open!

Egg & spoon race.  DJ thought this was pretty cool.  He'd never done this before & soon got the hang of it.  

Even a 3-legged race.  

A barbeque lunch, water play under the sprinkler, a pinata packed full of more sugar than 13 children should eat (so I had better help out!), so much sun, so much water & sunscreen, 

Oh & some good dessert!  

What a great start to Christmas.  Such a great day for a children's Christmas party with some great friends.  

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Bron said...

Our little village near the river.....that is very cute..

What a great fun day...for all x