01 December, 2014

Some Finishes

A couple of weeks ago I had a basting session with mum.  She had a couple of quilts to do so between the 2 of us we should get a groove going & make the most of the time & place we got to use.  
I did a couple of mine that day, these 2 cot quilt sized ones.  I finally got around to quilting them last week.  It didn't take long to do that really once I got started.  I didn't even bother moving the machine to the dining table with my big quilt extension table.  

The binding bit took a little bit longer as I only had small snippets of time to do any hand stitching.  Saturday night saw the longest stretch of time in one sitting to do some.  Sunday I got the second finished.  

Yay.  I am really pleased with them both.  I love the top one.  I seem to really like the Sweetwater fabrics...  this is the range "Road 15".  I should have taken a close up of my little hosues...  can't see it so well.  Darn...  But lighting wasn't good today  - very dull & grey...  

Below is the Retromobilia fabric that I really like.  Something different again.  This is a good pattern.  Only uses 9 fat quarters.  

Both patterns are from the book "Growing Up Modern".  There are a few more I would like to make from that one yet.  

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Bron said...

That must be such a great feeling to have them finished ...are they headed somewhere special? Xxxx