09 December, 2014

Douglas Elf Antics

Gee, Douglas keeps me up late some nights!  I forget about him & then last minute I have to make a miracle happen!  

But when BJ told my hairdresser on Saturday that "We have a real elf at home!!!" & then proceeded to tell her some of the things he had done this week, it made it all worthwhile again, late nights & all.  

Selfies...  covered the group of pictures of the boys with himself!  
(love this, it looks really cool!)

This was a good one, that on doing a search on Pinterest made me get to work.  Based on Minecraft (which is BJ's favourite thing) I found the Santa head printable.  I did make it bigger in a document though.  Then I very roughly & quickly covered some wooden blocks in green.  They are Grass blocks or something I believe.  Also made a pink one, the pig - not very piggy looking but oh well, at 10pm I didn't really care!  BJ loved the Minecraft Elf.  

So he went for a really long roll around the house inside a roll of toilet paper!  The paper went twice as far as the picture shows!  lol  

We haven't had tree lights for a really long time.  Douglas brought some last night.  
He did get a little bit tangled up though.  

Finally getting into the spirit of the Elf fun!  


Bron said...

I can only imagine the delight on the boys faces....you are off to a fantastic start.....best creativity happens late at night.
Enjoy having Christmas lights xxxx

Bron said...
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