05 December, 2014

Douglas Is Back

Our family elf Douglas came back on Monday.  It was rather exciting.  DJ remembered him & asked me on Sunday whether the elf was coming.  I didn't know of course.  

A letter, book & rainbow sprinkles all over!  

Building marshmallow snowmen.

A snowball fight with Buzz Lightyear!  More marshmallows...  Douglas is a good shot!

Douglas found a drawing on the table that BJ had done so Douglas did one too... of himself.

Snow angels in the flour on the kitchen bench.  

Nineteen nights to go.  lol  But who is counting...  lol


Bron said...

Well done...you are off to a brilliant start...so much fun to be had.
As for our house....it is one of the things I just had to let go this year.....look forward to following Douglas' adventures. Xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic imagination. Douglas is perfect, Well done.