30 December, 2014

End Of Year Finish List

My list of all the things that I wanted to see finished this year isn't looking too bad.  I have had it there in front of me all year.  It was good.  I had struggled previously with trying to remember things I wanted to do or had partly done.  It just saved "clutter" in my head.  I have enough going on in my mind without lists like this taking up space too!

I'm quite pleased.  Quite a few big jobs completed.  Still more to do & maybe I can dig a little further in my quilting stuff for an older one.  Hmmm...  Progress is being made on a couple of other things on the list but they aren't finished...  getting there though.  They might make it to the finished list next year!

Time to start on the new list!

  • Finish off pieced FG Table topper
  • Quilt & Bind Reunion Quilt
  • Finish Hats that are cut out
  • DJ's Birth Sampler
  • Start DJ's Applique Quilt Top
  • DJ's Cross Stitch Stocking
  • Fairy Cross Stitch
  • Quilt & Bind Birdie Quilt
  • Crochet - Ripple Blanket
  • DONE - 6 Mill Hill Beaded Ornaments
  • DONE - Knitting Vanadium
  • DONE - Quilt & Bind Stack & Slash Quilt top
  • DONE - Quilt Top Assembled of Happy Sun Blocks
  • DONE - Downton Crochet Blanket
  • DONE - Quilt & Bind Happy Quilt
  • DONE - Quilt & Bind Stu's quilt
  • DONE - Quilt & Bind BJ's animal quilt
  • DONE - BJ's Quilt Top using Embroidered Pictures
  • DONE - Quilt & Bind Tractor quilt

I think of all of these, the Tractor quilt is one of my favourites.  I know DJ loves it.  It's hardly been off his bed since I got it back from work where it hung for a few months!


Bron said...

Awesome achievements ..I was just saying to my sister today that I think I have struggled this year with a few things because my balance has been out...not enough time spent being just creative for me....so I too may make a little list of some things I want to see done....some sewing for me being at the top.

Sally said...

Again you're inspiring me. Lists. I need to write more lists and that way I can check them off and see what I've done.

You're 2014 was mighty productive. Send some of those getting things done vibes my way will you?