10 May, 2014

Last Cartoons

Cool huh?  I really like these.  As much as I hate spiders, the picture makes me laugh. 

Sad to be at the end of these.  I really did enjoy stitching them.  I used DMC stranded cotton 3760.  I used about 10 skeins for all the pictures I think.  Not sure exactly.  That includes a partial skein that I threw out after it was dunked in my coffee by a little person.  For the sake of a partial skein at around 60 cents worth I am certainly not washing it & trying to use it anyway!   Wet cotton gets crunchy & not worth using.  lol 

So that's that part of the quilt.  I guess I need to start checking out the fabrics to use in the applique pieces on the quilt.  That will be fun too! 

1 comment:

Bron said...

Woo hoo.....can't wait to see them altogether .

Love the spider one too...possibly my favourite . X